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Jeff J.  The Experienced Inspector    
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The Experienced Inspector                                 Jeff Jasiorkowski

"The Experienced Inspector" Jeff J. - For best price & info call: Jeff 541-610-2323
37 years construction and inspection experience combined - Govt. inspections of over 10,000 tract homes and complete commercial buildings, malls, Professional buildings.
 for Veterans, Seniors (over 65), and low income families and more with a full inspection only! and you must call first 541-610-2323 - call about our best value pricing, beating the competition guaranteed on Price & Experience.

Single Family Homes........*(Built after 1978)           Additional items added to  Inspections.
up to 2000 sq. ft.    = $call...                                                 Mold = $250 and up - Lead test $75.00 (2) areas
2001 to 3000 sq. ft. = $call....                                                Pest/WDO = $75.00    
3001 to 4000 sq.ft.  = $call...                                                  Radon = $150  2 sample areas        
Each additional 1000 sq.ft. add $50                                         Sewer Scope = $195
Each detach building/shop/shed..............                        Add $100.00 for above items without inspection
$50-$75 (up to 500 sq.ft.)  -  $100-$125 (501 to 1000 sq. ft.)
*Homes built on 1978 or before add $75
Re-Inspections $95.00 to $125.00=(if I go into Crawlspace or Attic) an hour (min 1 hour)

All Inspections include FREE infrared imaging where conditions exist.

Manufactured Homes $call

Start at $250.00 (HOA responsible for attic, crawlspace, siding, exterior and roof not part of price).
Multi Family Homes.....Same as Single Family Homes plus $75 per unit. call for details/discounts.

ommercial Inspections
call Jeff J. for pricing due to varied sizes etc....541-610-2323

Manufactured Home Foundation certifications $415.00 and up-2 day turn around
Manufactured Home Tie down install $975.00 and up - call

541-610-2323 - Jeff J.

Remember .....

Do not have the seller fix any items, have corrected by your chosen contractor
, be sure all corrections done by a lic. contractor qualified for the task at hand!

BEWARE of new (inexperienced) inspectors low balling for an inspection and costing you Thousands $$$$$$$$$$. Leaving out sections of report, trying to please the Realtor or referral, also leaving out photos and not explaining findings throughly and more.....

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